About Me

About Me

About Me           Hi, my name is Sandy Buchanan, thanks for visiting my Blog. Let me introduce myself by letting you know about me and my story.

I was born in a place named Kirkcaldy in Fife, Scotland but I now live on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

I started working life as an electrical engineer then became a financial adviser. Now I am semi-retired but have become a full-time (sometimes) internet marketer earning from my laptop. I say sometimes as I work where and when I want to.

Early Years

In the early years, I only took an interest in Social Media, YouTubeFacebook, TwitterLinkedIn. Moving on to Internet Marketing, coaching and building cell phone/mobile apps.

Like almost everyone else who starts out trying to make money on the internet, I spent years buying the next best thing (shiny object syndrome) and not making very much. The fact is, I was enjoying what I was doing but losing money as if there was no tomorrow.

I am sure you will not be too surprised to hear that I have worked with a number of “Gurus” and “Mentors”. I paid out a lot of money without the expected results.

Reviews, Training, and Bonuses

My reviews, training, and bonuses Blog will give anyone my honest opinion on products, training on products as well as quality bonuses which can help make money online.

I will be doing full reviews on my Blog, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, and Twitter. Where I will do in-depth written and video reviews of products that I think are worthwhile and can truly help people.

There is no quick fix or push button available which will make you money online. Anyone who tries to inform you differently is putting it mildly “not being truthful”.

So unless like me you are willing to put in some time, effort. Spending some of your hard earned money on investing in good products to enable you to be a good internet marketer. Do not even start, as you would be wasting your time and money.

My story is continuing……