How Do You Make Money Online?

Make Money Online

Make More Money Online

How do you make money online is a good question, which I assure you have been asked by us all. There are some basics which you need to set up. But before even starting you have to decide your niche. The best way to decide your niche is to look at what you enjoy doing, or what is your hobby? This Blog is all about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, a bit of coaching, some tips and product reviews. 

Building A System

Building a system is not as hard as it sounds. A basic system consists of;

#1 A Blog or web page which is central to your system.

You will need to decide on who is going to host your Blog and what do you wish your domain name to be. I feel it is best to use your own name as a domain name, in my case                                                                                                          I have a number of different hosting companies but find the easiest to use is Bluehost who at the time of writing also offer a free Domain name, free SSL to give you the HTTPS which Google likes to see as a secure site, and one-click WordPress install.

#2 Make sure you have an about me page.

#3 Your social media YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc details on your Blog.

#4 An email list and a means to capture emails.

To capture emails and to send out emails you will need an autoresponder. Again it is a matter of opinion but I think the easiest to use is Aweber at the time of writing they have a one month free trial.

#5 Regular contributions on your Blog.

#6 Your own or an affiliate product to sell.

#7 Most of all you then need to build trust, authority and credibility.

All of the above takes time, so be patient and do the best job you can. For training, coaching and anything else on Internet Marketing Click Here.

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